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Golden Rules of Design

Every type of facility, whether profit-oriented, non-profit, member club, elite-focused, or squash courts as add-ons, comes with its unique set of requirements. By adhering to these "Golden Rules," you can craft a squash facility that not only operates efficiently but also elevates the overall experience for both players and visitors.


If you require further information regarding the specific demands of designing a squash facility, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to provide you with additional details tailored to your squash-specific needs.

Efficient Traffic Flow

Ensure efficient traffic flow within the facility to maximize client engagement. Consider layouts that guide clients through the reception, bar, shop, courts, and changing rooms. The design should encourage clients to spend more time within the facility.

Managing Running Costs

Plan for running costs from the beginning, especially for commercial-oriented facilities. Design with flexibility to manage with minimal staff during periods of low client frequency, such as combining reception, bar, and shop.

Energy Efficiency

Opt for energy-efficient systems for lighting, ventilation, and heating/cooling in squash courts. Separating the climate zone inside and outside the court can be a smart choice for heating or air conditioning.

Acoustic Control

Control noise levels in squash courts through effective acoustics. Address both airborne noise up to 90 dB (ball hitting the wall and player noise) and mechanical vibration (ball impact). Consider using free-standing, prefab squash court walls to contain vibrations.

Infrastructure of a Squash Court

Size the changing rooms adequately, considering the needs of squash players. Recommended standards include 10 lockers and six showers for each court.

Infrastructure for Events

Plan for event infrastructure, such as offices for referees, tournament organization, and medical staff during national or regional events. Design flexible spaces that can be repurposed for various needs.

The Correct Size

Aim for an area of approximately 120 square meters per squash court, including necessary infrastructure. Plan for accommodating three to five persons per court on average. Avoid overcrowding to maintain a comfortable environment even during peak usage.

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