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Case Study: Stadium Academy

Stadium Academy front

This case study delves into a Squash Stadium model akin to those erected for prestigious events like the Commonwealth Games, Asian Games, or other major tournaments overseen by organizations like WSF or PSA. It also lends itself as a prospective National Squash Stadium for National Federations frequently hosting significant events.

At its heart, the Squash Stadium Academy operates as a non-profit organization, with construction and setup costs covered by public funding. Day-to-day operational expenses are sustained by the revenue generated from ongoing activities.

At the Squash Facility Network (SFN), we understand that cultural, economic, and political factors vary worldwide. Hence, duplicating this facility exactly as described in any location is unlikely. Instead, consider this case study as a repository of ideas and a wellspring of inspiration.

The following designs present an innovative model that seamlessly integrates multiple components into one harmonious architectural masterpiece. It exemplifies the interconnectedness of a sporting arena, wellness center, community hub, educational facility, and cultural space. While this design offers a blueprint, it remains an adaptable concept, not confined by rigid parameters.

The SFN stands ready to support anyone seeking to develop a similar facility concept.

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