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Types of Squash Players

In complementing the categorization of squash facilities, it's essential to gain a nuanced understanding of the diverse player types and their underlying motivations. This perspective can offer valuable insights for targeted offerings and facility management. Players within the European and global squash community present a spectrum of playing frequencies and motivations, which can generally be segmented into the following three categories. 


It’s worth noting that player categorization is fluid, and individuals may transition between these types. For example, a casual dipper might transition into a social regular with the right incentives and opportunities.

Squash professional

Committed Club Players

"Squash is my sport; I thrive on regular play and competition."


Representing the backbone of many squash facilities, these players are heavily invested in squash as their primary sport. With frequent weekly play and active participation in competitions and leagues, their on-court focus is geared toward skill improvement and intense competition. Off the court, the social facets of the sport enrich their overall experience.

Social Regular Players

"The social dynamics interest me; we may compete, but it's all in good fun."


Often playing at least twice a month, usually with a consistent group, these players are primarily attracted to the social benefits that squash offers. They may be affiliated with a squash club or participate informally at a leisure center. The aim is dual-faceted: to stay fit and to maintain social connections. While they may engage in friendly competition, they do not typically partake in formal competitive events.

Social regular player
Squash casual dipper

Casual Dippers

"Squash is not frequent for me, but it’s an effective workout when I do play."


This category represents the sporadic players, who step onto the court a few times a year. Generally, they are health-conscious individuals participating in various sports or physical activities. They appreciate both the fitness benefits and social interactions that squash offers. This group can further be subdivided:

- Socially-Focused Casual Dippers: Primarily engage for fun and fitness, with less concern for formal rules.

- Competition-Focused Casual Dippers: Seek a more competitive edge while maintaining the sport's social element.

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