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About us

The Squash Facilities Network (SFN) is comprised of a dedicated team of experts who have been deeply involved in the management and development of squash facilities worldwide for decades.


Our mission is to establish SFN as a premier platform that unites squash facilities under a common goal: to design and implement effective management strategies that unlock the full potential of squash venues. We strive to foster growth and promote success within the global squash community through shared knowledge and best practices.

Explore our Knowledge Center to find an extensive guide focused on enhancing squash clubs. Highlighted are Best Practices, insightful market data, and strategic approaches. 

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Our Vision and Principles

At the core of our mission lies the belief that the growth of squash is intrinsically linked to the availability of courts. Each new court introduced has the potential to attract approximately 100 new players, highlighting the importance of not just preserving existing courts but actively expanding our global network.

We recognize that coaches play a pivotal role in the squash ecosystem, far beyond the realms of player training. They are instrumental in developing successful facility strategies, drawing in new players, and fostering a vibrant community through the organization of events and programs. A Squash Development Manager for each facilities plays an important part of our strategies.


Moreover, our principles reflect a holistic approach to the development of squash facilities, where each aspect from design to management is geared towards enhancing the player experience, ensuring financial viability, and ultimately, contributing to the global proliferation of squash.


Our vision of a successful squash facility transcends the mere maximization of court space. We advocate for intelligent design that harmonizes with the facility's business model—be it for-profit, non-profit, or member-based clubs. This includes embracing innovative and flexible architectural designs that not only cater to the current needs of the squash community but also anticipate future developments in sports architecture and player preferences.

However, the path to expanding the squash community is not solely a matter of increasing numbers. The construction, maintenance, and operational aspects of squash facilities entail significant financial investments, making economic sustainability a cornerstone of our approach, regardless of the facility's profit orientation.

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