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Glass Court British Open

Show Glass Courts

When it comes to events accommodating more than 50 spectators or elite performance facilities, the pinnacle of squash venues is undoubtedly the show glass court.

Constructed entirely from 12 mm tempered glass, it offers an unparalleled view of the game. However, there's a crucial consideration: the use of a white squash ball on a glass court. To optimize ball visibility for players and elevate the viewing experience for spectators, it's imperative that the glass panels on the side and front walls undergo a specialized ceramic coating treatment. This unique treatment imparts a "one-way vision effect" to the surface.

Dimensions of Show Glass Court

When dealing with show glass courts, the inner dimensions closely match those of a standard court. However, various factors come into play when determining the necessary installation space.

In addition to the 12 mm thick glass walls, horizontal glass fins play a crucial role in stabilizing the court. These fins follow precise dimensions: 400 mm in length for the front and side walls, and 300 mm for the back wall. For the exact clear dimensions please contact a WSF approved supplier.  

Show Glass Court Lighting

Lighting plays a pivotal role in enhancing the one-way see-through effect of show glass courts. This effect hinges on the contrast in illumination levels between the interior and exterior of the court. Inadequate court lighting or excessive external brightness can result in 'burn-through,' diminishing the one-way effect. To maintain this unique feature, it is imperative that the lighting in show glass courts is carefully designed to be direct rather than diffused, ensuring that the light stays contained within the court.

Show Glass Court Lighting Enviroment

At the heart of the glass court lies Contra Vision® technology, a marvel that employs ceramic dots on glass. It's a meticulous process where a black dot is laid down first, followed by a colored dot, whether it be blue, green, or even red. This double-dot technique creates a one-of-a-kind one-way vision effect. For spectators, it provides a transparent view of the match, while players perceive an unbroken glass wall, undisturbed by external distractions. The precision in dot placement and color thickness is the secret sauce of this technology. But the real magic happens when lighting is just right.

Glass Show Court Floors

The flooring in Show Glass Courts differs significantly in color compared to standard squash courts. This contrast arises from the use of a white squash ball on a glass court, which necessitates the floor to be as dark as possible for optimal visibility.

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