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Standard Squash Courts

Court Equipment

In the configuration of a standard squash court, several equipments must be carefully considered to optimize both functionality and player experience. The back walls, for example, can be come with a frame or supporting glass fins. The choice of flooring is another critical consideration, requiring materials that offer both optimal grip and safety for players. Likewise, the lighting should be deliberated upon to ensure it meets various specifications according to the unique requirements of Squash. Finally, the tins, which set the lower limit for valid shots, must be adjustable to accommodate different levels of competition. Each of these components is not merely optional but essential to consider for a squash facility aiming for operational excellence.

Types of Glass Back Walls

Glass back walls serve a crucial role in ensuring the safety of squash players during their matches. These walls are crafted using specialized squash fittings and are constructed from durable 12 mm tempered glass, engineered to withstand the rigors of intense gameplay.

What's more, these glass back walls feature an entrance door with a clear width of 914mm, adhering to international accessibility norms to accommodate players with disabilities.

In the realm of design, two primary options for glass back walls are commonly employed: Frame Glass back walls and Fin Glass back walls. These designs offer distinct choices to cater to the specific needs and preferences of squash facilities, all while prioritizing player safety and inclusivity.

Squash Court Floors

Squash court floors, often carved from premium hardwoods like maple, beech, oak, or ash. The top surface of squash floors differs substantially from typical sports floors. They're designed to resist the 'aquaplaning' effect, which can lead to accidental slips from sweat drops. To achieve this, the floors aren't sealed with a glossy finish. Instead, they are impregnated to preserve the wood's natural porosity, ensuring grip while offering protection against moisture. This technique is a standard for WSF-approved flooring companies.

Standard Court Lighting

An effective squash court lighting arrangement enhances the overall playing experience by providing clarity and minimizing eye strain. Following these guidelines guarantees a well-balanced, well-lit, and consistent lighting environment, which in turn enables a smooth game for both players and spectators. The level of illumination measured 1000mm above the finished floor shall be: Minimum standard 300 lux, recommended standard 500 lux,
recommended standard for LED installation 600 lux

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