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Squashland from outside

The Squash Facilities Network will be the catalyst for 10,000 new squash courts in the next 10 years!

Welcome to the Squash Facilities Network

Our mission is to unite squash experts, enthusiasts, investors and coaches from across the globe, working together to unlock our sport's limitless potential.

We are a platform to share proven strategies for success, which can be tailored to local contexts and the unique characteristics of various types of facilities. Read more


In the SFN Posts section, we share best practice from squash experts worldwide.

The SFN Forum is a dynamic platform for discussions within the community.


The SFN Surveys section helps collect data to deepen our collective understanding of squash facilities and players.


Join us on this journey of discovery and innovation as we advance the world of squash together.

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Squash Manager at the court


The Management section is committed to sharing tried-and-trusted strategies which can be customised to suit the specific needs and nuances of diverse facility types and local contexts. This approach allows us to adopt universally effective management principles while acknowledging the uniqueness of each facility, thereby ensuring optimized operations and fostering sustainable growth in the realm of squash.

Coaches as Managers

This section is dedicated to coaches, who are so much more than trainers. Maximizing player engagement and efficient management of events are equally essential elements in optimizing squash court operations. 

There will be a Bulletin Board for coaches looking for a job or managers looking for a coach.

squash coaches
Facility ground plan with 5 courts


The Architecture division is committed to addressing structural and design aspects of squash facilities. This segment curates architectural case studies and provides customized design solutions for different types of squash facilities.

preperation to serve

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