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All About Courts: Design, Efficiency, and Technology

This section is dedicated to the architecture of squash facilities and courts that are not only functional and aesthetically pleasing but also economically sustainable. We delve into design principles that keep facilities flexible and up to date with the latest developments in sports architecture. The focus is on designs that enhance the player experience through safety and comfort, while we also illuminate specific technical aspects of the courts. This includes innovative approaches to maintenance and renovation, as well as technical details that contribute to the overall development of squash courts. Whether you are planning a new construction or renovating existing courts, our expertise supports you in optimally managing the squash architecture arena in functional, aesthetic, and economic terms.

Architecture for Facilities: Foundation of Success

In planning a squash facility, architecture is one of the key factors. Here, the business model is literally set in concrete. Functionality and the correct sizing of spaces are essential for economic success. The architecture must not only reflect the needs of the players but also ensure efficient use of space and optimize operational costs. In this section, we share insights and best practices that will help you realize your vision of an economically successful facility with a solid architectural foundation.

Technical Aspects Relating to Squash Courts

In this section, we share valuable insights from insiders as well as crucial aspects of architectural planning that must be considered to meet players' expectations. This is about more than just adhering to standard dimensions. We highlight topics such as optimal lighting, ventilation, and sound insulation, which are essential for creating an outstanding playing experience. Dive with us into the world of technical nuances that transform a squash court from good to great.

Maintenance and Renovation of Courts - Ensuring Longevity

Squash courts are subjected to enormous stress – it's as if someone is constantly hitting the walls with a rubber mallet. Therefore, the maintenance and renovation of squash courts are often not just a matter of aesthetics but essential to extend the lifespan of the facilities. In this section, we will reveal various "secrets" that help keep the costs of maintenance and renovation as low as possible without compromising on quality or the player experience.

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